Home Ministry



The heart of FBCA is ministry in Jesus’ name. Our vision statement declares that we intend “to demonstrate and share Christ’s love by putting faith into action that confronts human need in Arkadelphia and around the world.” One of the ways we accomplish that vision is through the numerous ministry teams at work among us.

What is a ministry team? It is a group of persons with complementary gifts bound by a shared mission and committed to achieve mutually determined ministry objectives. Members of a team have affinity for each other as well as the ministry we share. The words “ministry” (serving God and others) and “team” (partners in ministry) combine to define our work.

We believe that God gives each person unique talents, interests and callings—all for the purpose of loving God, loving people, and serving the world. You see here the teams and their leadership already at work among us. Our prayer is that other teams will be formed in the future and that each person at FBCA will discover the joy of shared ministry. We want to be difference makers!

Arms Around Arkadelphia Team: David McAllister and Cathie McAllister, Jim and Melanie Rothwell, Lisa Hill, John and Roberta Long, Hank and Lela Wilson, Janie Thompson, and Gary and Cindy Jackson (FUMC)

Bereavement Team: Roberta Long, Dave Ozmun, Snookie Dixon, Kathryn Crawford, Gail Pennington, Rhonda Stover, Nancy Rucker, Nancy Daily, Sarah Strickland, Kathy Collins, Brenda Sutley, Ken Sandifer, Steve Hennagin, Margaret Gillaspie, Ronnie Granade, Linda Harrington, Amy Borland [Staff Leadership: Will Thompson]

Children’s Ministry Team: Micah Darby, Wendy Schaeffer, Lydia Rogers, Jennifer Isenhour, Katie Haynes [Staff Leadership: Nancy Harrell]

College Ministry Team: Adam Wheat [Team Leader], Abby Root, John Long, Deborah Root, Molly Wallace, Janie Thompson, Pam Westberg, Sue Poole [Staff Leadership: Jimmy Darby]

Communication Team: Jeff and Deborah Root, Dave Ozmun, Bill Phelps, Phil Hardin, Bill Sutley, Chuck Atkinson, Scott and Katie Haynes [Staff Leadership: Nate Wallace, Will Thompson]

Associational Disaster Relief Team: Harold Johnson [Team Leader], Jessie Johnson, Jim Atchley, Marvin Anderson, Chuck Atkinson, Don Dawley, Bob and Donna Duncan, Steve Hennagin, David and Cathie McAllister, Gail Pennington, Ken and Lucille Sandifer, Roberta Long, Rachel Halaby

Family Ministry Team: Roberta Long, John Long, Scott Westberg, [Staff Leadership: Jimmy Darby]

Floral Ministry Team: Linda Childs, David Goodman, [Staff Leadership: Will Thompson]

Food Services Ministry Team: Shirley Hardin, Leonard Coon, Bill Dixon, Steve Hennagin, Nancy Rucker, Ray Jodon, Rhonda Stover, Mary McBeth, Elaine Shuffield, Scott Thomas [Staff Leadership: Roberta Long]

Gideons Ministry Team: Dave Ozmun, Steve Hennagin

Homebound Care Team: Kathryn Crawford [Team Leader], Peggy Dorris, Ken and Lucille Sandifer, Jo Long, Lela Wilson, Evelyn Hewell, Margaret Gillaspie, Doyle and Charlene Collins, Sue Warner, Linda Harrington, Brenda Sutley

Home Group Teams: Larry and Gail Pennington, Byron and Amy Eubanks, Russell and Leanne Strickland, Ace and Kathy Collins, Joey and Sadie Dodson, Scott and Katie Haynes, Will and Janie Thompson

Landscape Team: Snookie Dixon, Ray Jodon, Debbie Files, Elaine Collins, Marie Gravett, Marty Shaw, Marvin and Tommie Anderson, Steve Hennagin, Hank and Lela Wilson

Media Services Team: Cathie McAllister [Team Leader], Judy Mims, Lisa Hill, Donna Duncan

Nursing Home Ministry Teams

Twin Rivers and The Plaza: Ray and Ardith Franklin, Phil Hardin, Steve Garner

Courtyard Gardens: Scott Westberg, Tommy Roebuck, Gail Pennington

Office Volunteers Team: Lula Myers, Phil Ayres, [Staff Leadership: Ardith Franklin]

Prayer Ministry Team: Lisa Hill [Team Leader], Jerry Newman, Sue Newman, Ray Jodon, Herb Daily, Janie Thompson

Pregnancy Resource Ministry Team: Beverly Hankins, Sadie Dodson, Jim Rothwell

Prison Ministry Teams  

Angel Tree Team: Sue Poole, Leanne Strickland

Kairos Team: Jim Hankins, Chuck Atkinson, Will Thompson, John Long

Retired Volunteer Workers Team: Will Thompson, Jim Atchley, Snookie Dixon, Ray Jodon, Kenneth Locke, Jerry Newman, Don Collins, Randy Childs, Harold Johnson, George Mertens, Fred Dean, Marvin Anderson, Ken Sandifer, David McAllister, Bill McCrary, Bob Duncan, Don Collins

Samaritan’s Purse: Melanie Rothwell

Senior Adult Ministry Team: Kathryn Crawford, Mary McBeth, Tommie Anderson, Sherron Garner [Staff Leadership: Will Thompson]

The CALL Ministry Team: Shawna Childs, Joey and Sadie Dodson, Ardith Franklin, Rose Knight, Tracey Knight

Young Adult Ministry Team: Jennifer Fayard, Jennifer Isenhour, Mark McGraw, Casey Motl [Staff Leadership: Jody Dodson]

Youth Ministry Team: Karrie Goodman [Team Leader], Elizabeth Kelly, Betsy Miles, Karen Matros, Linda Gerber, Lori Motl, Sadie Dodson, Brant Matros, Caroline Poole, Jim Rothwell [Staff Leadership: Jimmy Darby]

Worship Planning Team: Will Thompson, Mike Ayres, Melanie Rothwell, Janie Thompson, Adam Wheat [Staff Leadership: Will Thompson]

Usher Team: Don Dawley, Ken Sandifer, Chuck Atkinson, Todd Knight, Bob Gravett, Hal Bass, Tommy Roebuck, Doug Rucker, Bobby Jones, Bill Phelps, Scott Westberg, John Knight, Ron Harrison

Welcome Team: Mike Ayres, Snookie Dixon, Jo Long, John Long, Sarah Strickland, Elaine Collins, Nathan Gerber, Larry Pennington, Bob Duncan